Friday, November 29, 2013

Kolhapuri Chicken Curry | Spicy Chicken Gravy

Kolhapuri Chicken curry is a very spicy curry from the Kolhapur region. If you are a spicy eater then this recipe is apt for you…Like South Indian sambar powder, gota masala (spice mix) is a must in Maharashtrian cuisine. Today’s recipe includes the making of masala at home. Honestly

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vazhakkai Chips | Banana or Plantain Chips

 I usually buy raw bananas to make poriyal or bajji/fritters…Last month after purchase I kept as it is for making chips and totally forget, they well ripe in another 2 days and I was totally disappointed, becoz I don’t eat those ripen varieties and no one in my family showed interest to eat as it is…Finally I made Wheat banana bread to utilize those…Last week when I bought the raw bananas again, the very next day that too in early morning I prepared this chips. So whenever you buy raw bananas keep an eye on it and utilize properly :-) I am not sure

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Eggless Dinner Rolls | Potato Stuffed Soft Buns | Rosette | Kaiser Shaped Vegetarian Dinner Rolls

As Thanks giving Day is approaching and is meant for Dinner Rolls…I made these stuffed rosette dinner rolls recently for my Hubby’s office party, half of the batch with potato stuffing and half with Non veg stuffing. I tried this rosette shape first during that time. Last week I made it again n the day was cloudy so I couldn’t give better pictures but I don’t want to postpone this post as Thanks giving is nearing. I will update better/recent pictures whenever I make it again. Before moving to the recipe let a short intro about Thanks Giving Day….

Monday, November 18, 2013

Homemade Sugar Cane Juice | Karumbu Juice | கரும்புச் சாறு | Recipe with Step By Step Pictures

During weekend purchase I got whole Karumbu/Sugar Cane in Korean Super Market and was happy to taste it. In our last India trip during summer break I wondered when my daughter sipped the sugarcane juice without any leftovers. So I purchased especially for her and tried the juice at home. The work is bit messy and little complicated but outcome is really tasteful :-). You should try this very hygienic and healthy juice at least once, when you have Sugar Canes at home...after pongal we may have lot of leftovers and for kids who have wiggling tooth try this method.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Pataqueta de L'Horta. Valencia’s Orchard | Traditional Crescent Shaped Spanish Bread

Coming to this month Swathi's Baking Partners Challenge we group of partners are challenged by Marisa of Thermofan with Traditional Spanish bread with its traditional shape "Pataca". Nowadays its not frequently baked and people book it in advance to get one. I am glad in trying such authentic recipe at home and thanks Marisa for this wonderful challenge, we had this delicious buns for dinner with warm Tomato Soup n everyone at home liked it very much...

Few words from Marisa
I’m glad to present this traditional bread from Valencia, known at least since the Seventeenth Century. The Pataqueta, diminutive for "pataca" has the shape of a crescent Moon. This is the bread the inhabitants of the

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Brown Rice Oats Khara Pongal | Venn Pongal | Special Post for Diabetes Awareness

Today Nov 1th is world diabetic day, we group of bloggers decided to make n post a healthy diabetic friendly recipe on this day and I am glad to share few info for this social awareness. There is no history of diabetics from my side but heard FIL had diabetics and so H is very conscious. My H prefers only jaggery based sweets and he limits with half or one…As he is very rare in taking white/regular rice (for kids sake I make white rice n for H I make brown rice separately). But when comes to pongal kids also enjoy brown rice when it is mashed well, so usually I make khara pongal with Brown rice and Oats combo for early dinner. As Swathi asked me to make a special post for diabetic awareness I opted this recipe.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Potato Podimas | Urulaikilangu Poriyal | Potato Stir Fry

Whenever we (me n brother) get back from college hostel or work to native (happen monthly once that time), My mom make this potato podimas, uppu paruppu and rice and wait for us. Now recently when I went with my kids for 3 months vacation we reached almost 12 midnight and we in advance asked her not to prepare dinner for us...We had in on ur way, though she prepared the same classic combo n was waiting for us without taking her food, I no need to elaborate more, how this poriyal is attached with our family J . This is such an exotic combination with hot rice, paruppu/dal and ghee…Also this stir fry can be used as filling/stuff in veg khara buns and masal dosa. On lazy cooking days this poriyal and pepper rasam is more than enough to finish a complete meal :-)

Potato - 2 Numbers (Large)
Onion - 1 Large Size
Green Chili - 2 Numbers

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Eggless Savory Caraway Cheddar Biscotti

This is my first experience in baking biscotti. Usually biscottis are baked twice and thanks Priya sis for this wonderful challenge, she suggested 4 recipes with 2 savory and 2 sweet versions, out of that i chosed this recipe for home bakers challenge group. Kids really like this crisp biscotis and if u dont want more crispier then reduce the second baking time.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Classic Idiyappam | Sandhagai | Instant String Hoppers with Panchamirtham and Coconut Milk

Santhagai/White string hopper is a very authentic recipe. Just a short note on how special this recipe is in our region…The newly married couples, before the bride n groom stepping to groom’s house, the married girl parents send her daughter by making a special vegetarian virunthu/feast and sandhagai is in the top of the menu on that day along with Panchamirtham n coconut milk. They never miss this recipe in their menu and nowadays savory version

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Thattai Paruppu Pudalangai Kuzambu | Red Chori Dal with Snake Gourd

It’s rare to get Red chori dal (Split Red Chori Beans) in groceries, so my mom packed the home grown and home split red chori beans…I have few pictures to share today, also recorded a video of this decaying stone milling process/Aariya Kal. This dal is the best one to make kuzhambu with brinjal or snake gourd (Recipe Follows), also tastes great when you make Arisiyum Paruppu Sadham (Dal Mixed Rice) with it. You may get this dal

Friday, November 1, 2013

Vendakkai Puli Kuzhambu | Ladies Finger Okra in Tomato Tamarind based curry

Vendakkaai/Ladies Finger Puli Kuzhambu, this is my mom’s version which doesn't have any ground paste instead she adds a tbsp of shredded coconut at the end which tastes unique and easy to make curry. This is my last recipe