Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Basbousa | Semolina Yogurt Cake | Rava Coconut Cake Recipe

Basbousa is a semolina cake popular in the Middle East as well as the countries along the Eastern Mediterranean shores. The cake itself is not too sweet but it is soaked with a sugar syrup scented with rose water. It is very easy to prepare and the best thing is that you can make it a day before and serve it as a no-

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gibassier | Traditional French Bread

The Gibassier(pronounced zee-bah-see-ay) from the Provence region is a buttery textured French breakfast bread that is flavoured with candied orange peel, orange blossom water and aniseed, and topped with a sprinkling of plain or vanilla sugar. The Gibassier is also the name for large cookie from Lourmarin in particular that’s about a foot long, is made with olive oil and oval shaped like a leaf. It is shaped somewhat the way one shapes a fougasse and delightfully soft and delicious. Gibassier can be shaped and made as one big round loaf, or larger or smaller single serve breads. Whatever size they come in, they are slashed/ snipped decoratively before they’re baked and this makes them even more irresistible. Gibassier is one of the

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kadhi Gole Recipe | Maharastrian Kadhi with Chana Dal Balls

Kadhi Gole is a typical Maharashtrian recipe. Kadhi is a very comman  and popular dish in whole north of India. Its is specially eaten with rice and so called "Kadhi Chaval. There are different varieties of kadhi such as Gujrati kadhi, Mahrashtrian kadhi, Rajasthani kadhi , Punjabi kadhi etc according to the region. All kadhis are made out of yogurt and besan with dumpling into it. Kadhi gole is also one kind of maharashtrian kadhi but the special thing in it from all other kadhis is the GOLE -i.e chana dal balls. This gole is same as our south

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ennai Kathirikkaai Kuzhambu | Brinjal Varuthu Araicha Puli Kulambu

Whenever amma makes puli kuzhambu using brinjals she stuffs the brinjals this way and cook it in less oil. I quit buying brinjals for some reason and recently I came to know via an article that it is very good for our liver and so many organs!!! Only Ulcerates has to be careful and limit taking brinjals…So last week I asked my H to buy veggies on his way home from office, though this kulambu needs small brinjals he bought bigger

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Eggless Blueberry Shortcakes | Fruit Shortcakes Recipe

This month for Swathi's baking partners challenge we are celebrating fresh berries!!!  This month challenge was suggested by Reeni of Cinnamon nice and everything nice. There’s no better way to showcase them then

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bananas in Coconut Milk | Gluoy Bwod Chee | Popular Thai Dessert

Banana dessert is a popular Thai dessert where the kluai nam wa type of bananas are cooked in coconut milk. It's a very popular and well known Thai recipe which is also mentioned under thier top street food list. This is a rum like dessert though the ingredients are simple it tastes so delicious. My kids gulped within

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Northern Thai Chicken Curry with Homemade Spice Mix and Curry Paste

You may aware that I am hosting this month Northern Thai Cuisine for International Food Challenge and today's post is none other than popular Northern Thai recipe/Gaeng Hang Lay but here instead of pork I

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Eggless Mango ButterCream Frosting | Butter Cream Icing | Perfect ButterCream Frosting for Cakes and Cupcakes | Flower Fondant Cake Recipe

Decorating a cake with fondant was lingering in my mind for almost 2 yrs. Last year I planned to make it for my daughter's birthday. But Halloween and Diwali were all around her birthday so I dropped that plan and finally made cake pops and cream less cake for her class party. On May 30th my little boy had his 3rd birthday and I made 2 Tier Cake with classic buttercream cake for the party. I was unable to concentrate much on fondant as I prepared many more dishes that time. Couple of days back my MIL and H had their