Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Kale Stir Fry | Keerai Paruppu Poriyal

I already have Green Leaf / Keerai and dal combos a lot. We love this combo so same implemented in Kale with chana dal recently...I go Indian grocery 2 weeks once so I buy drumstick/Moringa leaves one week and alternate week I buy this kale from Publix , price wise second one is cheaper than the other one. But both are equally a very good nutrition suppliers so I have the habit of feeding my kids often with these green leaves. Kale belongs

Friday, March 2, 2018

Stuffed Bell Pepper Veg Bowl | Healthy Capsicum Rice Bowl | One Pot Meal

I have been practicing this healthy lunch bowl for several years and once in a while when sun peeps out I am delighted to click the lunch preparation (aren't you?). Also my laptop cracked and useless for a while and recently it gained its power (me too :-) ). So you can expect some unique recipes flow in my kitchen for sure in the near coming days….Today's recipe is such a healthy mix of protein, vitamins and carb (a balanced one pot meal) and feel free to add your favorite veggies, beans, rice and spices(refer note) . It’s just an idea how I make this healthy filling energy bowl and also I baked these veg bowls not so long the filling is already cooked so I don’t want to burn the capsicums (if you wish proceed beyond the time I specified). Also capsicums cook fast when you brush them with