About Me

Welcome to Nitha Kitchen. Let a short intro about me. I am a typical Indian women, calm by nature, also very active n innovative person. I am not a great cook or chef. I am like you and sharing my routine recipes, where I am expert with. So I call these selective recipes as my personal cookbook.

About Nitha's Kitchen
I named this personal cookbook as Nitha Kitchen ("Nitha" is the second part of my daughter's name "Harinitha/Harinita"). My Cookbook mostly covers Healthy recipes, Oil-less Cooking, Traditional South Indian Recipes and few baking’s (Obviously baking is my area of interest).

About my Family
Ours is a Fun filled family, Gifted Mom for two lovable kids.  I have collection of recipes which are our family favorites and I am part of few baking groups, where monthly challenges will be given to me and have to finish and post in time.

Each and every recipe is self-tried and tested. All the contents and images belongs to Nitha Kitchen. So please let me know before sharing/copying my recipe. When I introduced this blog, my friends and relatives shared their recipes, so I may post those in future. If I do so, definitely will mention the source of the recipe. I am in the basics of food photography, using Canon SD630 for step by step pictures and Nikon Coolpix for final display.  Thanks for reading with patience. Stay tuned for traditional and trendy innovative recipes...Feel free to contact at nithaskitchen@gmail.com. 

Sangeetha Priya