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Saturday, October 24, 2015

How to Choose Jaggery To Make Soft Athirasam | Tips To Get Perfect Soft Adhirasam

 The Adhirasam sweet is typically made in South India and this sweet is a traditional delicacy as well. Usually in South India they use Jaggery or Nattu Sarkarai (Natural unrefined cane sugar), so they pick the right jaggery and Raw Rice to make this sweet soft and perfect but when we live outside the country, we don't have much option to choose. Sometimes instead of raw rice we have to go for Sona Masoori and is hard to get south Indian jaggery products. So today's post is going to talk about what type of jaggery

Monday, October 12, 2015

Authentic Adhirasam Using Brown Sugar | Soft Athirasam Recipe with Video!

Diwali is nearing let me gear up the colorful festival with an authentic and super sweet Adhirasam.  My kids usually call them as brown cookies and even my H who is a sugar dis-liker also likes this sweet so once in a while i have to make it especially for them.  If you are my serious follower then you may wonder why I am re posting Athirasam recipe. I have to admit here that my first version is still popular in the blog and today’s version has a quite easy jaggery preparation so you may never go wrong in syrup consistency and for beginners I assure this one is going to be a no fail version. During my summer vacation my mom

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Soft Athirasam Recipe Using Jaggery | Adhirasam and Crisp Ariselu Versions

Wish you all a very HAPPY n PROSPEROUS PONGAL/SANKRANTHI!!! Pongal an authentic Tamil festival is nearing n I want to share few abt it. After the end of harvest period/season farmers thank god (SUN) with the cultivated products. I am proud of being that family n my Appa (Dad) is a very good farmer cum retired central govt employee, now a full time farmer :-). They usually harvest paddy yearly 3times, even we prepare unpolished boiled rice from own rice mill. Rice plays main role, with the harvested rice they make plain pongal/white pongal in vengala panai. Very auspious n never mingle sweet/spice while cooking. Actually use the washed rice for cooking this white/venn pongal, so it has to foam n fall on the right side which is another auspicious belief. They thank god with other harvested items like coconut/banana/sugarcane,manjal kothu/fresh turmeric bunch/country vegetables n harvesting equipments. When I go there