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Monday, November 9, 2015

Mini Jhangri Recipe With Video | Soft Jangiri | Jangri Version II

For every Diwali festival Murukku/Chakli , Adhirasam and Soft Jangri/Jhangiri are must at home, Diwali is incomplete without it. So this year I made mini and medium size jhangiri to share with neighbors. This time I have recorded the jangri making in single hand, do check the video here. So this recipe has no step wise pictures instead I have given the video link. Also if you find trouble in watching the video do check my another version of soft jangiri recipe, that recipe has both mixie/food processor and grinder version with step by step picture. The weather is cloudy for past 15 days, so I could not come up

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Soft Jangri | Perfect Jalebi using Mixie | Step by Step Recipe from Scratch

Great fans are there in each and every home for mini soft Adyar anandha bhavan Jangris. We never get this softer urad dhal version here in stores, only crispy jelebis with red and yellow maida flour based versions are freshly available. Even we call this softer version as Jelebi/Jalebi in our place. A year back when MIL came here she bought it from ananda bhavan that was the last tasted till yesterday. Whenever I go to Indian stores I search for fresh sweets and end up in getting frozen in the name of "Jalebi", but not worth i feel so. I thought of trying it at home and discussed with Mom in call, she gave me the ingredients and some tips, also I remembered MIL’s tips when making medhu vada. But I totally forget the shape how it looks so searched in google images, took some designs, tried it out in papar before playing with batter he he he…When comes to grinding the batter in mixie, I searched for such a recipe with blender/mixer but couldn’t find anything, suddenly it striked my mind, why not to use cake beater/mixer here to aerate the batter, is that only for cake