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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Varagu Arisi (Kodo Millet) and Samai (Little Millet) Idli Dosa Batter | Millet Idli Dosa Batter

 Kids mostly like idli/dosa kind of foods, you can mix millets in your regular idli dosa batter that reaches them well in their daily food. I have several versions of idli dosa batter using millets do check the link HERE to find more recipes of mine. I usually go with the below two versions to grind Idli Dosa batter when i have Varagu Arisi (Kodo Millet) and Samai Arisi (Little Millet) millet at home. I mix these two millets but you can use any one available at least to make these healthy idli dosas. Both looks more or less

Monday, January 11, 2016

Ragi Adai | Kezhvaragu Roti| Fingermillet Flat Bread Recipe With Video

Ragi Adai/Kezhvaragu Adai/Fingermillet Adai is one of the staple food in many states of south India. Such a healthy and quick fix dinner/breakfast recipe is our today's post, so if you have ragi flour then you can make this adai in 30 minutes of time. Kelvaragu/Ragi, a well known millet is widely used all around India/Asia is rich in calcium and diabetic friendly too. For kids shake you can skip

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Pani Varagu Jaggery Payasam | Proso Millet Kheer

Today being an auspicious day (Saraswati Pooja/Vasant Panchami), I am posting a healthy millet kheer recipe. The ninth day of Navratri is celebrated as Saraswati Pooja, Saraswathi is revered as a goddess for Knowledge, Music and art. I keep on saying about my India trip in most of the posts. Today I have to say this again :-), I have bought all kinds of millets during my trip, my mom and grandma, they both were cleaned all those millets and packed for me. So I have loads of millets right now and using daily in my cooking. I will post the recipes one by one after the Diwali celebration. So coming to this millet, this is very rare or unknown millet, it looks like thinai but little big in size. I totally forgot the name, Me and my MIL only went to the store and purchased all the millets, so i asked her she too doesn't remember

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Ragi Brown Rice Dosa Batter | Homemade Ragi Dosa Batter From Scratch | How to make crispy Finger Millet Dosa

Tiffin aka Dosa is a daily supplement like sugar and salt intake in South Indian Kitchen hence, instead of white I mean basic Idli Dosa Batter this Ragi Dosa Batter is very healthy and nutritious with addition of Ragi /Finger Millet and Brown Rice. It’s time to pack up things for 2 months vacation in homeland. I am

Monday, February 16, 2015

Mini Podi Idli Recipe | Kids Lunch Box Special

Steamed Idlis are very good for health nothing can beat it...When I ask my kids what they want for lunch both reply with the first option Podi Idli :-). Anyways they have rice/sambar/poriyal kind of food after they

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Thinai Venn Pongal | Kaara Pongal | Foxtail Millet Savory One Pot Meal

Today is Thaipusam, a Hindu festival celebrated mostly by the Tamil community on the full moon in the Tamil month of Thai (January/February). History speaks this festival is mainly related to Tamil God Muruga who destroyed the evils using Vel/Spear given by Goddess Parvathi on that day.  Last month during Thai Pongal festival I made this savory foxtail millet pongal (Foxtail Millet/Thinai is the only millet we usually get in Asian

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kollu Horse Gram Idli Dosa Batter | Sprouts Based Idli Dosa Batter

Today everyone got attention over siruthaniyam/millets and legumes. I have few recipes with millets do check it Here. Today‘s recipe is kind off that using kollu/Horsegram/Muthira which is a very good grain that has lot of medicional values. Also you can find all kollu/horsegram recipes Here. This bean is diet and diabetic

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Ragi Vella Modathagam | Millet Jaggery Modaks | Easy Ganesh Chaturthi Recipe

I planned to post several recipes for Vinayagar/Ganesh Chaturthi, though I prepared and clicked few but due to time constraints I couldn’t publish all on time…Today’s recipe is one healthy Ragi millet modaks (without filling/stuffing) prepared with just few ingredients also this modhagam needs very less time to make. Quite

Friday, August 22, 2014

Ragi Murukku | Finger Millet Chakli Recipe | Kelvaragu Mullu Murukku

Today I am here with one popular Kongunadu recipe Ragi Murukku, I inspired much on this kelvaragu murukku when I saw its speedy sale at popular departmental stores in Erode last year. My Chithi makes often and

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kambu Kaara Dosai | Bajra Tomato Dosa | கம்பு தக்காளி கார தோசை

I usually add Whole grains like Pear Millet(Kambu)/Ragi/Jowar in the form of idli/dosa and I rarely give white/regular dosa/idlis to kids…So today’s recipe is a tangy and bit spicy kambu dosai. Kids tolerated the

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Brown Rice Oats Bisibelebath | Bisi Bele Bhaath | Kai Kari Kadhamba Sadham

The classic bisibelath was my second blog post, due to bad pictures I reverted to draft a long time back…Though I posted the same step wise pictures now, only final presentation varies…Nowadays due to health concerns brown rice/Quinoa and Oats are dominating much in our kitchen. Making healthy meals is
essential n I always prefer Brown Rice and Oats when I make this kadhamba sadham ( I already have Venn

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Brown Rice Oats Khara Pongal | Venn Pongal | Special Post for Diabetes Awareness

Today Nov 1th is world diabetic day, we group of bloggers decided to make n post a healthy diabetic friendly recipe on this day and I am glad to share few info for this social awareness. There is no history of diabetics from my side but heard FIL had diabetics and so H is very conscious. My H prefers only jaggery based sweets and he limits with half or one…As he is very rare in taking white/regular rice (for kids sake I make white rice n for H I make brown rice separately). But when comes to pongal kids also enjoy brown rice when it is mashed well, so usually I make khara pongal with Brown rice and Oats combo for early dinner. As Swathi asked me to make a special post for diabetic awareness I opted this recipe.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mini Ragi Podi Idli n Ragi Brown Rice Idli Dosa batter

After posting the Whole/Multi grain idli dosa batter recipe, few readers asked for this Ragi and brown rice combo and the ratio as most of other ingredients like Kambu/Jowar are hard to get in stores. So here is the recipe for healthy ragi and brown rice idli dosa batter. After shifting to new house I made podi idli with this batter for almost 3 days

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Homemade Whole Grain Idli Dosa Batter | Multi Grain Idli Batter | Pearl | Finger Millets | Jowar | Wheat | Brown Rice Combo

I got loads of Indian Whole grains from my Mom and Mil during last visit. This is not a recipe for blog sake I would admit. Several times I made idli and dosa with this whole grain batter…You may wonder that, if instant flours are available at groceries then why this whole grain grinding process at home.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rajasthani Mini Thali | SNC Challenge

This is the first thali recipe in my space. Manju from Desi fiesta has challenged this delicious Rajasthani thali for this month SNC. I decided to make few dishes from her long thali list :-) and made it today. Though the weather is not good (rainy) pictures

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kambu Dosai Version II | Pearl Millet Dosa with Unusual Chutneys | Mixie Version

This recipe is for crisp and lace dosa lovers. I have my mom's Kambu Dosa Version I (no urad dhal n no rice in it). This version has both included. Bit time consuming process (soaking n grinding) but your kids never find difference between this healthy n usual dosa :-). I drafted this long time back

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thinai Murukku | Millet Chakli | Quinoa Chakli From Scratch

Again a traditional ingredient Quinoa/Thinai but this time I used it in snack. Thanks to one of my reader who searched Thinai Murukku in google and ended up in my Pottukadalai murukku, Otherwise I couldn’t get this idea. First time I experimented with 1 Cup measurement and the taste was awesome. I assure that you get the traditional petti kadai/shop murukku taste. Second time I

Monday, February 18, 2013

Kambu Sev using Whole grain | Lemon Kambu Sandhagai

Recently I posted Ragi Sev| String hopper recipe, you may think then what is the difference in posting again a recipe with Bajri/kambu? Today I have used the whole grain instead of store bought flour and also gave tangy touch

Monday, January 28, 2013

How to make Ragi Semiya at Home | Recipe for Raagi Sevai | Finger Millet String Hoppers from Scratch

Recently we are hearing many threatening news about instant noodles. I rarely use instant noodles but stopped buying it few months back. After that I realized making ragi sev at home n succeeded in my very first attempt itself. I stated in few recipes that ragi is my DH fav, even I love this ragi semiya/sev but never bought this in store after coming here. While talking to my SIL, we were discussing the healthy benefits in it n she asked me to give a try. I am quite happy with the taste which exactly similar to store bought version. Weekly once I have started packing this semiya/Idiyappam/sevaai in kids and H lunch boxes. If you get whole ragi then powder it n try which makes even healthier, I have homemade kambu flour and sevaai recipe, check here.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Ancient Thinai Urundai | Foxtail Millet Honey Balls | தேனும் திணை மாவும்

It has been ages I tasted Thinai/Foxtail millet ladoo. Recently I got this millet in Korean super market n from that day calling my grandma n Aunty to know abt this thinai maavu/ladoo recipe. My grandma told that she had own cultivated sample millets n 2yrs back she used it during my cousins marriage. Yup this is a traditional recipe we make it particularly during any girls related functions like Puberty (Age Attending)/Marriage/Seemantham (Baby Shower) etc. Actually I forget how it looks with husk, so I googled n found the picture here. Even amma/grandma everyone describing it with husk, they soak the husked millet for few hours then using stone pestle (Ulaikai/Ural) remove the husk. But I explained n showed the fine processed millet in skype, then what they suggested is today's recipe :-) This foxtail millet ladoos are great neivedhyam for Lord Muruga with honey even I prepared this ladoos with pure honey.