Kambu Koozh Bajra Porridge
  • Whole Kambu Bajra Bajri Millet or Coarsely Broken - 1 Cup
  • Butter Milk - 1 Cup or as needed
  • Salt and Water - As Required
  • Few Chopped Pearl Onion/Shallot and Fried Vathals - To go with porridg
  1. Clean, Rinse and powder (only if you have the whole bajri) the kambu (Bajri) in mixie to a coarse texture.
  2. Add 2 1/2 Cups of water to the powder and cook in medium flame.
  3. If using pressure cooker (refer video) then keep in low/sim for 4 whistles after the first whistle.
  4. Add more water to the cooked kambu sadam (keep in room temp overnight).
  5. Morning mix well without lumps, add buttermilk and salt.
  6. My grandma makes Puli Kadupan which goes very well with this porridge (refer video), its a mix of tamarind, red chili, shallot (china vengayam) and salt, just grind all together(raw)...
  7. Otherwise serve chill with raw Shallot/Moor Milagai/Mavadu or any other vathals.
Ingredients for the Puli Kadupan / Spicy Raw Chutney
  1. Small Lemon Size soaked Tamarind + Red Chilis - 4- 5 Numbers
  2. Shallot or Chinna Vengayam - 2-3 Numbers
  3. Salt - As Needed
  1. First grind the soaked red chilis and tamarind to fine paste. Later add shallots and salt, blend all to gether.
Recipe Notes

The Bajri bought here is big in size so I powdered it, If you like to have it whole soak bajri for few hours and pressure cook it for 4-5 whistles with 1:1 ratio. Peanut chutney is the best combo to go with hot kambu sadham, however for making porridge follow the above procedure.