How to dry and store Oregano Leaves | DIY Dried Ajwain Leaves
How to dry and store Oregano Leaves

How to dry and store Oregano Leaves | DIY dried Ajwain Leaves

Author: Sangeetha Priya
  1. I don't add any artificial plant foods to my vegetable garden bed.
  2. But I add egg whites shell powder (will make a post soon). You can see white powder over ajwain leaves in the above picture.
  3. Pluck the leaves , soak it, say 15 minutes in a big pot filled with water.
  4. Wash it thrice to remove any debris over the leaves.
  5. Once done drain from the water completely.
  6. Pat dry over clean cloth or sheet under shade.
  7. You can dry under hot sun as well for quick processing.
  8. Once leaves are wilted and reduce in quantity either place it in a tray and bake at 250 F as needed or
  9. Keep indoor in a clean place till leaves turn brown.
  10. Never ever cover the leaves / close in a container when they are still green.
  11. When they turned brown, just warm it for few minutes say 5 minutes in the oven at 250 F.
  12. They turn crisp, this step is optional but this ensures it has longer shelf life.
  13. Pulse in the mixer 1 to 2  seconds or crush with your hands.
  14. I sieved them using a medium hole sieve.
  15. Then store the very well ground leaves powder separately in a jar.
  16. The once collected over top is stored in a separate jar as shown in the picture below.
Recipe Notes
  1. When handled and dried properly it says fresh for several months.
  2. If using oven eyeball it often otherwise the leaves get burnt.
  3. The other quick way is on and off warm in the oven for 5 minutes at 250 F per day and rest of the time dry indoor, it dries very sooner.