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Classic Idiyappam Sandhagai
Author: Sangeetha Priya
  • Idli Rice - 2 Cups
  • Shredded Coconut - 2 -3 Tbsp to enhance the taste and flavor or 1/4 cup thick coconut milk
  • Cardamom Powder with sugar
  • Salt - 1/4 tsp
How to make Classic Idiyappam Sandhagai
  1. Soak the rice at least 5 hours(Pic 1) and grind with coconut to smooth batter.
  2. You can use mixie/blender too.
  3. Add salt and necessary water, check the consistency in pic 2, it shoud be watery like dosa batter.
  4. Heat the idli pan with water and pour the prepared batter.
  5. They won't puff up like usual idlis and will cook in 5-6 mins of time when water in the pan is already boiled.
  6. Remove the hot idlis when stick inserted at center comes out clean(pic 3) and immediately press it in already oil greased sandhagai press (pic 4 & 5).
  7. Its already cooked so no need to steam again.Store the soft idiyappam's in hot pack or cover it with wet cloth till you use (Pic 6).
  8. Best to go with Cardamom flavored coconut milk and panchamirtham.
How to make Coconut Milk
  1. Blend the shredded coconut, water in a food processor/mixie and extract the juice twice.
  2. If you have juice extractor attachment then use it. Add sugar and cardamom powder as needed to the extracted coconut milk.
  3. Make sure the milk is thick.
  1. Add well ripen bananas,sugar/jaggery and cardamom powder, mix all together, optional to add kalkandu,chopped dates or pomegranate with it.