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Kaju Anjeer Burfi Video Recipe
Prep Time
20 mins
Cook Time
10 mins
Resting Time
30 mins
Total Time
30 mins

Kaju Anjeer Burfi Video Recipe

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Indian
Servings: 1200 Grams
Author: Sangeetha Priya
Main Ingredients
  • Kaju / Cashews - 250 grams
  • Almond 0r Cashew - 250 grams refer notes
  • Sugar - 250 grams
For the Filling / Sandwich
  • Walnuts - 75 grams
  • Fig / Anjeer - 100 grams replace with raisins
  • Dates - 100 grams
  • Pistachios - 50 grams
  • Almonds - 75 grams
  • Brown Sugar - 1.5 Tbsp
  • Butter / Ghee - 2 Tbsp
  • Red Food color or any color - 2 drops optional
  1. Prepare the Almond Meal or Powder and Cashew / Kaju Powder ahead of time for the burfi.
  2. Soak almonds in boiling water for less than 5 minutes.
  3. Peel the skin immediately and wash them quickly.
  4. Over a hot dosa pan or in microwave with regular intervals do warm the blanched almonds as needed.
  5. Too much heating may leave oil from the nuts.
  6. Once dried up do powder them (using pulse mode) as shown in the video.
  7. Also powder the Cashews in batches.
  8. Both the powders look same, sieve it to remove big chunks if any.
  9. Keep the powders in room temperature till the recipe calls for.
How to prepare Filling
  1. Soak figs/anjeer and dates in boiling water until they bloom, may take 30 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile chop the nuts to reasonable size.
  3. In a pan kadai add a tbsp butter or ghee when melted add the chopped nuts one by one.
  4. Fry them in medium flame for 1-2 minutes not more than that.
  5. Remove the fried stuff and to the same pan add a tbsp butter.
  6. Add pureed figs and dates mixture.
  7. Saute till the moisture goes off and looks halwa texture.
  8. Add Sugar, Cardamom Powder (forgot to show in the video) and optional food color.
  9. Finally add the toasted stuff and mix all together.
  10. This mixture can be taken as it as dry fruits ladoos, burfi or rolls.
  11. Make sure the mixture is not gooey instead of cardamom use your favorite flavor (refer notes).
How to make Kaju Anjeer Burfi
  1. In a hot pan add 3/4th cup water followed by sugar.
  2. When it reaches one string consistency or as shown in video, do add powdered nuts in batches.
  3. Mix them in medium flame and once the texture looks gooey do switch the gas.
  4. I use cast iron pan so even after the flame is off it cooks for another 5 minutes.
  5. Later when the mixture is warm knead gently and divide it to two equal parts.
  6. Using rolling pin and parchment roll them separately to even size.
  7. To the top layer while rolling add sliced pistachios and press it gently while rolling.
  8. Top the cooled filling mixture over bottom layer and level it as shown in the video.
  9. Once done gently add the top layer and give a gentle press with rolling pin so that layers sits without any gap.
  10. Trim the edges if necessary and do chill for 30 minutes (it makes easy cutting).
  11. Cut them in to even pieces.
Recipe Notes
  1. You can powder a small quantity of nuts measured for filling and add to it.
  2. Instead of 75 grams Walnuts do reduce 25 grams with raisins or with Charoli or Cashews.
  3. Do add the flavor of your choice like Paan , Rose Water/ Kewra etc .
  4. The filling and the burfi layers has medium sweetness you can increase as you like.
  5. I used 250 grams of Almonds for the burfi instead of Cashews, You can use either one and both can be replaced.
  6. Instead of chopping nuts you can pulse them in the mixer.