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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Traditional South Indian Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu without Coconut | Version II

After a break I am back with a traditional tambaram recipe today, it is none other than vatha kuzhambu. My mom had packed lot of sundakkai aka turkey berry vathal (If you want to make it at home you can check how to make sundakkai vathal from scratch HERE). So weekly once vatha kulambu or puli kuzhambu is mandatory at home. Coming to the recipe, I already have coconut based

kulambu version while a friend of mine

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to make Sundakkai Vathal | Sundried Turkey Berry At Home from scratch

This is my mom’s way of making sundakkai vathal/sundried turkey berry at home. Last year when I was there she made the vathal for us and so I clicked the pictures of her making. Hope this post helps you to learn how to make the vathal in traditional way. Also you can use minimal salt unlike

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sundakkai Vathal Paruppu Podi | Sadam Podi Recipe | Spiced Turkey Berry and Lentil Chutney Powder

Chundakkai/Sundakkai/Turkey Berry is a vegetable or fruit grown in a medium tall plant, as shown in the picture below and it has lot of medicinal values. Today’s post is related to it, which is none other than healthy chutney powder/sadam podi with the mix of dried turkey berry (sundakkai) and dal. Daily eating

Friday, November 14, 2014

Sundakkai Vathal Kuzhambu | Dried Turkey Berry Gravy | Kara Kulambu Recipe

I have so many recipes in draft and couldn’t find time to sit in front of lappy to make a new post. Anyways after a bit long (5 days) gap I am herewith a new post healthy dried turkey berry /sundakkai vathal kuzhambu recipe. The specialty in this curry is the turkey berry was made by my amma (mom) and she has