Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Veggies Stuffed Kuzhi Paniyaram | Mixed Veg Sandwiched Appe

Mixed Veg Kuzhi Paniyaram or Veg Mixture Sandwiched Appe is one healthy way to indulge veggies in your kids daily diet. This dish is gluten free and has the mix of protein, vitamins, Minerals and carb etc. This paniyaram doesn't need any extra side dish to accompany, it goes well with yogurt/curd or Idli podi. Also feel free to add veggies of your own to make this appe and I have provided two ways to make this appe
, do check the recipe instruction in detail to find out your convenient method. You can use any left over veg stir fry aka south indian poriyal too.
Shredded Assorted Veggies - I highly use broccoli, carrot, capsicum and onion - 1 Cup
Idli Dosa Batter - 3 Cups
Red Chili Powder - 1tsp
Cumin Seeds - 1tsp
Chana and Urad dal - 1 Tbsp
Oil - As Needed
  • Clean and shred the veggies, also finely chop onion
  • You can use green chillis but for my kid’s sake I skip it usually.
  • Heat oil in a pan/kadai.
  • Temper cumin seeds, chana and urad dal.
  • Now add the onion and once it turn golden brown then add the veggies, salt, red chili powder, saute till they shrink in size and the mixture comes all together.
  • There are two ways to make this appe.
  • Once the mixture cooled, add it to the idli dosa batter and make appes in the appe pan, this is one method.
  • The other way is pour/fill 1/4 of each appe hole with idli dosa batter then top it with veggie mixture again pour a tbsp idli dosa batter.
  • For step by step pictures you can refer below pictures or I have already posted broccoli chutney stuffed appe in this way so you can refer HERE.
  • Flip the appe/paniyarams and cook well all over the sides.
  • I gave training to my daughter how to pour batter in appe, so forget the messy stuff :-)
  • It goes very well with sambar/chutney/ Idli podi or just curd is fine for this goodies.

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