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Eggless Butterless Vanilla Sponge Cake | Basic Cake Using Yogurt

I prepare Vanilla sponge cake to make layers for Tiramisu, an Italian dessert. Tiramisu filling has Cheese and Whipped Cream (butter rich contents), so i usually prefer making the base cake an Eggless and butterless
one. Here is the detailed procedure for making this simple and soft/sponge cake.
Use Exact Measurements otherwise cake texture may vary

All Purpose Flour/Maida - 1 n 1/2 Cup
* Thick Curd/Yogurt or Sour Cream - 1 Cup (If using reduced fat/watery yogurt then take 1 n 1/4 Cups of Yogurt and add 2 tbsp of milk powder or 2-3 tbsp of soft butter)
Baking Powder - 1 n 1/2tsp (I use double acting) **
Baking Soda - 3/4th tsp (I use double acting soda) **
Pure Vanilla Extract - 2tsp (You can use cardamom powder instead)
Granulated/Regular Sugar - 1 Cup or more
Milk - 1/4 Cup (Optional)
Salt - Pinch
* If Yogurt is not sour you can add 2tsp of lemon juice.
** If using usual baking soda and powder, add it in the yogurt and beat, other process are same as mentioned below.
  • Instead of butter i am using yogurt so start with it. In a large bowl add yogurt and sugar whisk well for few mins. If adding milk powder or butter add right now.
  • Add baking powder, soda,flour and salt in a separate bowl, whisk together.
  • Add flour mixture in to yogurt in 3 additions.
  • Finally add vanilla essenc, once done and if it is not to dropping consistency adjust it with few drops of milk.
  • The batter should not be too runny, yogurt has too much moisture in it, so make a thick yet dropping consistency batter...I will upload batter consistency picture when i make next time.
  • Grease the pan with light butter or Oil and flour.
  • Pour the batter in greased round/square cake pans.
  • Tiramisu needs a moisture cake, so I poured the thin batter in a square cake pan covered (bottom n sides) with aluminum foil. 
  • You can directly pour the batter in pans, only thing is you get a thick browned outer crust.
  • Preheat the oven to 350° F, bake for 18-22mins or till toothpick comes out clean when inserted in the center of the cake.
  • Allow to cool completely on wire rack before slicing it.

Recipe Updated with increased quantity and I used Round cake pan last time.

Double-acting baking powder Vs Single-acting baking powder (According to
You use the exactly same amount of double-acting baking powder as you would single-acting baking powder. The difference between the two types of powder is their chemical composition and whether they produce the carbon dioxide gas bubbles that make your baked goods rise when the ingredients are mixed or when the product is heated in the oven. Both types of baking powder produce the same amount of gas, so they are equally effective as leavening agents.

Single-acting baking powder reacts with a water-based ingredient to form bubbles as soon as the ingredients are mixed. If you wait too long to bake your food or mix it too long these bubbles will escape and your food will fall flat.

Double-acting baking powder produces some bubbles when the ingredients are mixed, but most of the rising occurs once heat is applied. This product is more reliable for home baking because it is harder to overbeat the ingredients and the recipe is less susceptible to fail if you forgot to preheat your oven. Because it is practically failsafe, this is the type of baking powder most often found in stores.

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  1. do u mean fully covered i.e. Cover by top and bottom with all side pan??? I am looking for white sponge cake and found urs....seems interesting ....will try soon... Thanks...and waiting for ur answer too.....

  2. Thanks Meeta for stopping by, I have covered only the bottom and sides of the pan with foil. Try n I am sure that you like it :-)

  3. Super spongy and tasty cake........ Looks promising :)

  4. Hi Nitha,this moist vanilla cake is just out of my oven...i never had a good eggless vanilla sponge cake till now...but let me tell you.. your recipe is going to be a keeper...i mean it..m just waiting for it to cool down so that i indulge in it... lastly can we use this cake to carve and use it under fondant ????
    thanking you ,

  5. Thank you Swetha Shastri, its such a quick try n my fingers crossed as well :-), yup you can cover it with fondant too :-)

  6. Sorry what size cake pan did you use? Thanks

  7. Joan, mine is 8 inch square or round cake pan...

  8. Is it safe to line a pan with aluminium foil and cook the cake in it. Sorry if it's a stupid question

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  10. Raindrop, yes it is safe to cover the inner pan with aluminum foil, also we sometimes cover the outer pan to get rid of dark brown crust for example Orange Glow Chiffon Cake...

  11. I tried this cake. .but doesn't came out well. .1cup flour is equal to how many grams

  12. oh sorry Swetha i am not sure what went wrong, 1 cup equals 125grams of flour.

  13. 1tsp is equal to 5ml? Will try tomm again...

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  15. Thanku sangeeta will try today and let u know. ..

  16. Tried again with perfect measurements. ..came out well very fluffy thanks a lot. ..

  17. That's you Swetha, thank you so much for your patience n feedback...keep trying my recipes :-)

  18. Hi Nitha. Tried this cake tdy. Came out pretty well. Thx for the recipe. Will try it again.

  19. its such a wonderful complement Priyanka, keep trying my recipes :-)

  20. What does the color come out to be? Is is white or yellowish?

  21. What does the color come out to be? Is is white or yellowish?

    1. Sonali the color of the cake depends on what type of 1) sugar (white or organic), 2)clear vanilla or regular vanilla extract, 3)All purpose Flour (bleached or unbleached)...

  22. I don't have double acting baking powder and soda. Is it ok to use normal ones? I'm planning to try this tomorrow

    1. Yes Gayathri you can use the regular agents...

  23. Hi can we use it for making whipped cream icing cakes? Like with soaking and all ???

    1. Hi Mehak this sponge cake can be used for any type of icing.


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