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Peanut Chikki | Peanut Brittle | Kadala Mittai | Groundnut Chikki

Just a simple 2 main ingredient snack but a healthy protein and fiber rich bar and energy booster for all age groups, that is none other than Kadala Mittai | Peanut Chikki | Peanut Barfi aka Burfi | Mungfali burfi | Shing Paak | Mandvi Paak (replace jaggery with white sugar). It has lot of names but process is almost similar, easier and healthier that you can try at home. This was my elders ones long time request after having it at neighbor house during play time. Happy to fulfill their needs whenever I get time and this is my first try ever so recording everything here that are all I went thru. If jaggery syrup is your barrier then do read my tips at the bottom of the post to break that scare. I feed my blog once in a while but I am very active in Instagram and post often what I cook for the day. So while posting this peanut chikki pictures there few of them liked it and asked
for the recipe. That motivated me to post this recipe in blog very soon and I am thanking those people who are always behind me to encourage for each and every post. If interested do check and follow my insta account :-).  Let's move on to the recipe.
Recipe Source :- Own

Raw or Roasted Peanuts - 250 grams
Jaggery (Gundu Vellam) or White Sugar or Brown Sugar - 250 Grams (I used mix of jaggery and organic brown sugar)
Cardamom Powder - 1tsp
Dry Ginger Powder - 1/2tsp (optional)

  • If using raw peanuts like me dry roast till the skins have black spots here and there and nuts get off with the raw peanut taste.
  • Remove from heat, allow to cool for a while when they are still warm remove the skins by gently crushing using hands. 

  • Whatever we get here in Indian stores are mostly jumbo in size and quantity as well including peanuts, so I pulsed it for kids convenient.
  • Like shown in above picture you can pound it using mortal pestar or just a pulse in food mixer /mixie.
  • You can powder is very fine or coarse as you wish for the burfi..
  • So get ready with peanuts  (stepwise picture 1) if you have roasted peanuts, slightly warm it in kadai before adding to the jaggery syrup...
  • Grease the plate or tray whatever using to cut the chikkis with oil(for vegan) or ghee. I am using marble stone here and greased it with oil.

Jaggery Syrup
  • Add jaggery or brown sugar or both, just a 1/3 cup water is fine for this allow to melt the jaggery completely in medium flame.
  • I have to specify this i just eye ball the syrup and stop at right time even for adhirasams and other sweets.
  • If that is tough for you add the foamy jaggery syrup to cold water, if they stay at one place and not mixing with water thats it, the syrup is done (Pic 2).
  • You can refer my Adhirasam or Ariselu Video for jaggery preparation.
  • Reserve some syrup in a separate cup before adding the roasted peanuts in to it.

Chikki Procedure Continues... 

  • Finally add cardamom and ginger powder to it.
  • Now add the roasted nuts and mix all together (Pic 3).
  • Now pour over the prepared tray (Pic 4), first level it with the same spatula..
  • After a while you can use your hands to level and shape it.
  • I used my hands to do that, when you use spatulas they stick with jaggery so either grease them with oil or press it with parchment paper.
  • Once all set for cutting, make them in to squares using sharp knife, do this step when they are still warm (Pic 5).
  • Allow them to cool completely (Pic 6) and using the same knife lift them up..
  • The extra trimmed stuffs i gathered it and added the reserved jaggery syrup, reheated and made it bit sugary for kids...(after reheating place on the greased tray, level it and cut in to squares) ...You can find it easily that more jaggery burfis here in the below pic.
  • Store them in a air tight container, ours didn't last more than 5 days, but if handled properly they will remain fresh for more than 15 days.
  1. Don't let the jaggery syrup runny by adding too much water.
  2. If you added so then cook them till syrup turns super foamy and thick in consistency before adding nuts.
  3. Don't get panic and add the peanut to the watery syrup, if happened so then cook them all together till it attains thick / gathered well, in this case you get only soft chikkis.
  4. Sugar and water need not to be equal proportion, just a little amount of water to dissolve the sugar/jaggery is fine.
  5. If you crossed the right consistency and over cooked the sugar syrup they become very hard and dry, so before adding peanuts if you are not confident with the syrup add little more water make it right and then go ahead.
  6. Don't let the peanut cook in syrup for a long instead of crisp they turn soft, just a minute stir is fine for crispy chikkis.

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