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Chicken Stuffed Soft Buns | Soft Dinner Rolls | Khara Buns

Chicken stuffed dinner rolls are perfect for light dinner, Indoor Parties or family get together…The dough has light butter and yeast to make the buns soft and crispy on top. I came up with loads of desserts as Valentine's treat so today I scheduled this khara/savory buns. If you are a savory lover that too chicken fan then this stuffed buns are going to perfectly suit your cravings :-)
I added moderate spices in the stuffing, you can adjust it to your tolerance.

APF/Maida - 2 cups
Dry Active Yeast - 1 and 1/2tsp
Salt n Sugar - 1/2tsp each
Butter (Softened) - 3-4 Tbsp
Egg - For brushing on the top of buns
Milk - 3/4th Cup
Sesame Seeds - For Topping the buns

For Filling
Boneless Chicken  Chopped - 225gms or 1/2 Pound
Red Chili Powder/Flakes - 1/2tsp
Chopped Red/Green Capsicum - 1/4 Cup
Chopped Onion - 1/2 Cup
Garam Masala/Chicken Masala Powder - 2tsp

How to prepare stuffing
  • With a tbsp of oil saute all the above ingredients (Pic 3) till moisture from chicken goes off completely.
  • Cool the mixture before stuffing in the buns.
  • In luke warm milk add yeast, sugar n salt, mix just to dissolve yeast.
  • Finally add butter to the milk mixture and give a stir.
  • In a large bowl make a well in the center of the flour.
  • Gently add milk mixture to the flour (Reserve 2 Tbsp).
  • Knead to soft pliable dough by sprinkling the remaining milk mixture, if needed add more milk.
  • Rest the dough in warm place for 45-60mins (Pic 1) or till it doubles in size (Pic 2).
  • Roll to equal lemon size balls (Pic 4 - Step 1).
  • Flat it (Pic 4 - Step 2), keep the filling inside (Pic 4 - Step 3) and cover it up (Pic 4 - Step 4).
  • Again roll it round and remove the excess dough (Pic 4 - Step 5).
  • After making shapes, place the rolled buns in round cake pan (Pic 5).
  • If you keep it very close then they touch each other and final output will be a pull Apart buns.
  • Again rest the shaped rolls for another 45mins to raise, in between for every 20mins once brush the top with egg wash (atleast 2 times before start baking).
  • Preheat the oven to 400°F and bake for 12-15mins or buns turn light golden brown (Pic 6).
  • When it is hot out from oven immd apply butter to get shiny brown top!!!.
  • Have it with ur favorite spread or Plain (We had it with Fat free Cream Cheese spread)...
  1. Don't use very hot milk, it kills the yeast.
  2. Make sure the filling is also not too hot (should be cool enough) before covering with dough.
  3. If like to add egg in the dough you can, use 1/2 of egg while preparing the dough and reserve remaining to brush the top.
  4. While rolling the bun with the stuff, if you feel it cracks here n there lightly then wet ur palms with milk and roll, it hides the crack.
I already came up with Eggless, Sweet and Cute shaped dinner rolls, here is a quick round up...

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Updated with New Pictures...


  1. Delicious and soft buns Sangeetha,

  2. Super perfect....

  3. I am totally in love with ur buns.lovely.

  4. This is totally awesome! Just like the stuffed buns in Hot breads. I am going to try this with some vegetarian fiiling :)

  5. They look so delicious! Would taste great with chicken soup!

  6. Still to try stuffed bun,this one looks delicious

  7. Cute buns n loved the stuffing also...

  8. Wow.....marvelous.. Definitely going to try this...:-)

  9. look absolutely tempting !! Gorgeous

  10. A great pat on your back for this lovely lovely recipe! :) losing words to compliment!! :)

  11. wooo looks so tempting :)

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  12. wow sis , this was new to me , I want to taste this bun..........

  13. Wow I need some now :) looks so perfect akka!!

  14. Seriously i want to have a bite sis, beauties..Great job.

  15. my kind of recipe dear :) will give a try..

  16. Very soft n delicious buns with yummy savory stuffing...well made sangee!

  17. how many (lemon sized) buns is this recipe supposed to make?

    1. Hannah, 8-10 buns as shown in pictures above...

  18. very nice.. just love Chicken stuffed buns especially when i have it with some ketchup.. tried too .. but mine is not that special as yours.. Chicken stuffed Buns must visit my place when time permits.. i love to have your feedback dear :) **HAPPY BLOGGING**

  19. Thank you so much Teena, I really appreciate your valuable feedback after trying this recipe, will check your outcome soon...

  20. You are always welcome Sangeetha at my place :)

  21. Lovely!!!!was inspired to try this myself....but a quick my otg,should I set the top bars to heat when I bake,because we need the top to be brown here?to make cakes,I use the settings such that bottom bars are heated....please advise!

  22. Thanks Preeti, no need to heat the top, heat the bottom as you do for cakes and other bread loafs to make this buns...the top is broiler mode and that is not needed in this case, try n let me know your feedback...

  23. HI,

    I tried this recipe 2 times .but in both attempt top color of the buns are not changing, still in white color. also it is getting very hard. could you please advice what is the mistake iam doing. Also iam new to using oven. is it any mistake using oven?

  24. Viji thanks for trying, i am not sure about your oven type but for brown topping first try to use unbleached flour and second thing brush the top well with egg wash more than one time, third thing it might becoz of oven temp once the bottom turns light brown, stop the oven and let rest inside the oven for few more minutes, that makes the top brown a bit!!! Coming to hard buns the only reason could becoz of less milk, so next time add more milk and knead well till it forms gluten either by hand or use food processor!!! Finally this is one of our family favorite made umpteen times and never went wrong, try and update how it turns!!!

  25. Also Viji next time try by increasing your oven temp and apply butter when it is out form oven that gives shiny brown look to ur buns!!!

  26. hi thanks for your reply. i have used only milk to knead this.Also my dough was soft only and it hasdoubled size also . after baking only will become hard. I am using samsung oven. Have selected "power" option with max temp. do you have any idea which option have to se;ect?

  27. Viji this recipe includes butter while kneading the dough, so pls stick with the measurements to attain soft buns!!! I am not sure about 'power' option in your oven, is that convection oven? make sure the temperature is 400F...


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